Something happened today. I’m not sure what, but I killed something in my brain. It could have been the fact that I lost my bike. It could have been my own intuition. Is it a cycle of sorts? Perhaps. What they won’t tell you is that complacency is a disease. Oh words, certainly are the “pretty” boogeyman in this world of lies; the monster in your metaphorical closet.

I would describe the past two and a half years as a battle to reclaim what was never mine. “An intellectual pursuit to remain Reade.”

The aim was (and still is) to learn and evolve, however now it’s time to teach and re-enforce. You could say that the past three months have been marred by my own inhibitions and rut. Denial is so very hard to recognize when it’s staring you blank in the face. Who will be the first to budge? Life is quite the misery, especially when you try and describe every single detail of your all-consuming tragedy. If your soul hasn’t be purged by now, it’s most likely been devoured in the most unfair of ways. Eating is THE basic function of life, so please shut the fuck up bitch .

Well, not to worry because perspective has given me new wings. Not to fly, but to dominate – wings with guns. I’m going to establish what is rightfully implicit. Not yours, not mine, implicit. The passion and drive has returned to the glory of silence. I have a lot of key plans happening as we speak. Like a spark with no purpose, please watch your step as I tramp all over you.

I’m going to return from my slumber. Return to the land of dreams, revisiting prosperity at it’s helm. Articles. Videos. Yes, there will be more. MOAR.

Let’s see how long this failed experiment will last.

Julius Reade

People have difficultly reading in-between the lines. Though really, let’s examine the tragedy of this all: The meaning is what you make it. 

Julius Reade

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I’m not here to tell that reality is bullshit.

But grow a fucking pair and shove them down your throat until you cannot even taste your own shame.

Don’t let the conceptual bus hit you on the way out.

You feel that?

Not that fiends can feel. You’re merely subject to the innate senses around you, calling for your name. One says Jack. Another is lost in the madness.

You know, I’m not particular kind to strangers who don’t have a fine command of their own surroundings. Some scream and shout. Others are yet to develop a consciousness from the pain.

Aimlessly wandering, you know that two-bit bitch has nowhere to go.

Yet in-spite of your situation, you exist like a cancer on a rotting piece of meat. Your destination, already a waste of space.

Yet time gives you hope.

Not to change, but to consume the delusion so that your children can grow up with imperative.

There is no hope, when change is merely one word away.


Julius Reade

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Julius Reade

I am fully obsessed with studying and productivity. Always have been and always will be.

I biphasic sleep. I read. I take notes. I exercise. I practice my aural hearing.

Day in, day out.

I’ve given up all my vices. Masturbation. Bad foods. Drugs.

Now I eat strictly paleo and I make sure I’m living my life to it’s full potential.

Yesterday, I decided to take a cold shower in what now is Winter. I screamed for 3 minutes straight, but that’s aside from the point.

Arguably, I’ve never felt better. Smarter. Stronger. With a bright future ahead of me, with big plans in the works.

I tend to find that as long as you’re heading in the right direction in life, you will eventually reach your goals (In my particular case, optimal state) and all it really takes is a consistent will. Not a hard one.

If it’s one thing I’ve learnt in life, it’s that failure (and not success), is the reason why we learn and become the better version of the people we choose to be. Success does not bring prosperity, because no one truly deserves it. Failure on the other hand, is deserving of all your attention because it is a tool for growth.

Success is merely a consequence.

The best way to learn is to teach. The reason why, is because in teaching, you make many mistakes and it forces you to correct and retain information more efficiently. There’s a reason why it’s so difficult to explain newly found complex concepts.

It’s because you haven’t truly learnt it yet.

Of course, you don’t have to teach others. In most cases, I teach myself, though I would consider myself maniacally introverted.

I read an article on reddit that I thought was .

I don’t believe in motivation, however I believe in the power of the individual.

Anyone can string a bunch of motivational words together, I write intriguing quotes all day long, trust me and I’m a coward.

But only you have the power to inflict change within your own life.

“Leadership is about making the first move.”

Be your own leader and your life will follow along with it.

Julius Reade

Maybe I just hate people. 

I’ve come to realise a few things in life. 

In the pursuit of perfection, you obsess to completion in the hope that you yourself are answered. You spend hours doing, with little clue of WHAT substance you are truly manipulating. 

You know life has purpose, however you are benign to the consequential shocks and blows to your ego. Like using a hammer to send a message through a glass window – you’re a fool with no boundaries. Though you know it’s right on the inside. 

Grammar connoisseurs have one fascination in life: Description.

We spend every moment of our lives, trying to decipher and interpret meaning – in the process, creating anew. We are masters of propaganda, because we have conquered the building blocks of syntax.

See this here

Alas, I have not merely discovered my description, rather encountered through time.

I am the master of propaganda.

Julius Reade


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